JANUARY 4, 2021, Blok Magazine
The Most Memorable Year: Highlights of 2020, by Marina Oprea (EN)

NOVEMBER 28, 2020, The Calvert Journal
Enter the political primal scream room: 4 art videos explore the limits of public speech, by Paula Erizanu (EN)

NOVEMBER 18, 2020, taz
In a way, we are all disturbed in our daily lives, Christian Jankowski interviewed by Beate Scheder (DE)

OCTOBER 30, 2020, KubaParis
Christian Jankowski — Healing Games (EN)

SEPTEMBER 11, 2020, Revista ARTA
Making and Unmaking of Sense in Language, Voice, Text and The Body, by Melissa Ghidini (EN/RO)

JULY 30, 2020, IQads
The place where the layers of language meet art, Infinite Conversation interviewed by Ileana Andrei (RO)