We are thrilled to announce the first Quote—Unquote activity of 2021, a time for Bucharest to become a playground for discovering public speech phenomena and their ramifications through artistic practice. The city is harboring a lot of the unsaid. We will be alongside you in your research and explorations, through an exciting opportunity for artists and researchers everywhere.

Quote—Unquote is teaming up with Bucharest Artists in Residence in co-curating and co-organizing next year’s residency programme. Navigating onwards after ten years of exciting and diverse international residencies, for 2021 Bucharest Air reframes its open call around Quote—Unquote’s topics and research interests.


The application process is now open to all art professionals who manifest a genuine interest in the politics, the components, the layers, the mechanisms and the effects of public speaking, language, discourse, voice or the performativity of the speaking act, as well as their capacity to heal, educate, manipulate or deceive, in a variety of fields and situations.

We are looking to host and collaborate with artists and other practitioners working primarily with new media and internet, performance, research-based work, video and moving image practice, voice-based practice, lecture-performance, installation, site-specific (public space) interventions and others. We are further open to collaborations with curators, writers, anthropologists, experimental filmmakers or researchers of other fields.

As a resident, you will be living for one-to-three months in Bucharest in an accommodation tailored to your needs and research, in the center of the city, close to all the relevant art and project spaces. However, if you wish to be closer to the outskirts or to nature, this too can be arranged. 


Please prepare a CV, portfolio and a project proposal to apply. 

Next application deadline — November 15, 2020, 23:59 CET — for the residency period between February and June 2021. 

Please apply digitally through the contact page of the Bucharest Air website after carefully reading the full general regulations and application info. 

Applications for a residency at Bucharest Air are announced twice a year. Bucharest Air accepts a maximum of five residents per year. 

Bucharest Air offers residents the chance to live and work for a period of up to three months in the city of Bucharest, as well as the context to research, develop or produce new works and projects, conceptually and practically aided by the Bucharest Air team.

The residency is open to applicants of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds. Research and on-site investigation, dialogue and a will to enter social, cultural and artistic exchange, a feel for context and a desire to work within a local scene or situation are prerequisites of a successful residency period in Bucharest. Although not compulsory, potential collaborations with other practitioners in Bucharest and/or site-sensitive research within the local context are highly recommended.

Generally, a residency period ends with a public event, be that an exhibition, lecture, presentation, screening and so forth. During the residency, there are also possibilities to organize public events. Exhibitions are however not guaranteed in any way, and depend on the residents’ ability to connect to the variety of art venues Bucharest has to offer. Of course, we will communicate with you constantly in order to find the best and most suitable way to present your research findings.


Bucharest Artists in Residence functions as a non-profit organization, run and managed by artist Tudor Bratu.

Quote—Unquote is in charge of all on-site residency related activities. These activities range from aiding and assisting residents in research, development, and production of work, to introducing and connecting residents to the Romanian art scene and to the city of Bucharest, as well as organizational activities related to the daily functioning of the residency programme.

All four members of Bucharest Air/Quote—Unquote participate in the selection procedure. Alumni of Bucharest Air are at times involved as advisers.