AUGUST 14, 2020

Quote—Unquote’s podcast series provides a broadcast space for sound works, spoken word practice, readings, teachings and aural miscellanea by artists, anthropologists and researchers.

As explored in talk therapy and hypnosis, language becomes a gateway towards a dialogue with our subconscious. The human verbal praxis engages a suspension of disbelief, in which the act of speaking becomes, in the words of Paul Virilio, the “ultimate performative”, dissolving the distance between discourse and action. Through let the virus speech…, artist Vlad Brăteanu explores the capacity of language to heal, infusing a hypnotic induction with theory and personal considerations, and rendering it accessible for every listener to experience transformation through their own ears and will.

Script: Vlad Brăteanu
Text assistance: Anne Pfautsch
Special thanks to Jane Rieck

Lygia Clark. Respire Comigo (Breathe with Me). 1966
Catherine Malabou. Rethinking Mutual Aid: Kropotkin And Singer In Debate. April 10, 2020
Srećko Horvat. “Virus Mythologies” with special guest Franco “Bifo” Berardi. DiEM25 TV
Paul B. Preciado. Learning From the Virus. Artforum May/June 2020


VLAD BRĂTEANU (1986, Romania) holds a M.A. in Photography and Moving Image and a B.A. in Graphics from the Bucharest National University of Arts. He studied Philosophy in the Context of Contemporary Art with Catherine Malabou at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. His background in graphics forms the base for theoretical and conceptual considerations for which photography functions as a primary medium and is extended through sound, found objects and video through constant playful semiotics of imagery. He is the co-founder of Template, an artist initiative and exhibition project that started in Bucharest in 2018 and alumnus of the WHW Akademija in Zagreb.